Transcription of the sax solo of Money (Pink Floyd)

Dark Side Of The Moon

During this week-end, while applying strong destructive compression to my old papers and scores, I've found again this old transcription I did 15 years ago (mmmh ça sent le sapin ça...). I remember endlessly rewinding my 4-track tape recorder and carefully listening to be able to transcribe exactly what I hear, then rewriting it on a clean paper with india ink. At that time I had a band called Uniboxx - a name based on the plastic boxes we used to put our cables in - and I was playing one of the two guitars, depending on what we agreed with my old friend Fabien. I've actually almost never touched a saxophone, but I did this transcription for our sax player Cyrille because I wanted him (and us) to play the track as close to the original as we could, which was obviously not a good idea. I also remember making a wood-boxed electronic circuit, to reproduce the guitar tremolo one can hear at the beginning. And the drummer, Sebastien, brought a Revox B77 recorder which was playing the intro with its caracteristic sound effects. <nostalgia>Hey Fred, take your bass again! After Uniboxx, Uniboxx P.L.I. and Uniboxx Et Les Multiprises, we could form again and call it Uniboxx 4.0!</nostalgia>

Click on these images to download the high-resolution scans:

Money 1/2 Money 2/2